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Document Tagger Documentation

User Documentation

  • How to use the Document tagger:
    • Download, Install and Open.
    • set directories to scan
    • Start the scanner from the scanner menu.
    • navigate trough the documents in the documents pane.
    • Manage the tags
      • when you see a document you think you know what are its proper tags -- add them to the accepted tags.
      • when you see a document you know that there is a tag that is absolutely not valid for it -- add the tag to the declined tags.
      • if you look at a document and see a tag in the suggestion tag - you can either accept or decline the suggestion, the document's tags will be updated accordingly.
      • from time to time you might see a document name that appears in bold - this document has new tags suggestion that you haven't seen.
    • Check the words associated with each tag by using the Tag menu.
    • if the document is Word document - every tag you accept, will be updated in the document's keywords section - this field is searched first within Windows 7 new index search mechanism. win7_tags.png

Developer Documentation

This projects utilize COM objects to display the PDF preview, and Word InterOp to get the the RTF content of doc file.
Also, it uses the IFilter capabilities to extract file's content.

See following files for more details:
pdf format: Document Tagger.pdf
ppt format: Document Tagger.pptx

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